Peel Me Open

Fits all shapes and sizes

Our products exfoliate and nourish the feet to stimulate the same treatment you would expect at your favorite salon. But brings it in the comfort of your own home, and at an affordable price. Our product slips on easily and can be worn for about one hour while the interior works to lift and peel off any dead skin. You may continue to benefit from these results over the next few weeks.

Soft, Smooth, Hydrated

Pair the exfoliating and nourishing foot kit with our Coconut Hand Nourishing Treatment Kit! Have your hands feeling silky soft with our specially blended formula. The wonderful coconut smell will mesmerize you the moment you open the nourishing hand pack. 

Buy Foot Exfoliating and Nourishing Mask Kit

Why choose us?

  • Easy & Fast Results

    Compared to other foot peels, Peel is quick & easy to use! All it takes is 20-30 minutes to experience smoother more youthful skin.

  • Save Hard Earned Money

    Peel will provide you with a salon quality experience in your own home, saving you hundreds on salon visits!

  • Beautiful Feet, Guaranteed

    Love it or return it. Your purchase is covered by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


How often can the customer use the exfoliator?

It is recommended to use the product up to twice a month.

How often can the customer use the nourishment foot mask?

It is recommended to use the nourishment foot mask daily.

After using the exfoliator foot bootie, how long does it take for the skin to Peet completely?

It takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete the process.

What is included in the foot kit?

2 pairs of the exfoliating foot masks and 2 pairs of the nourishing foot masks. Foot exfoliating mask peels dead skin while the foot moisturizing mask is used after the exfoliating mask to moisturize the new skin cells that have surfaced. Also see our box and ingredient list. 

How is Peel Essentials different from other competitors?

Competitors only offer a pair of the exfoliator product- Peel's kits come with 2 pairs of exfoliator booties and two pairs of nourishment booties. With the Peel Foot Masks you save time and money without having to leave your home.